The Importance of 
Ear Piercing Aftercare.

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Ear Piercing Aftercare

Safe healing begins with the piercing process you choose.

 Healing Period

Caring for your new piercing is just as important as the piercing itself. Be sure to follow your aftercare instructions carefully, and leave your piercing earrings in for the recommended healing time:

Earlobe Piercings : 6 weeks    Cartilage Piercings : 12 weeks

For all piercings:
  • KEEP YOUR NEW PIERCING CLEAN & DRY : Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your ears or piercing earrings.
  • CLEANSE 3X DAILY : Cleanse the front and back of the piercing site 3x daily using Inverness Aftercare Solution.
  • ROTATE YOUR EARRINGS : Rotate the earrings completely during cleansing to prevent the posts from adhering to the ear.


  • MIX IT UP : You may now change your earrings!

    EARLOBE PIERCINGS: After your 6 week healing period, you can change your earrings to other styles. For the next 6 months, do not go more than 24H without an earring or your piercing may close.

    CARTILAGE PIERCINGS: After your 12 week healing period is complete, you can change to other styles. For the next 6 months, wear earrings 24/7 or your piercing may close.

  • PLAY IT SAFE : Continue to clean your piercing site and earrings with your aftercare solution as needed.