Inverness 2000 Ear Piercing System  
  The Inverness Ear Piercing System is the safe and gentle ear piercing system available.  
The Instrument–Safety
The Inverness System features a piercing instrument and disposable plastic capsules that contain both earrings and clutches. Because only the earring and capsules, not the piercing instrument itself, touch the customer’s ear, a completely sterile ear piercing is ensured every time. Also, once the earring and clutch capsules are inserted in the instrument, they cannot fall out.
The Cassette–Sterility
Everything that is needed to perform a piercing is contained in one puncture proof package known as a cassette. Each cassette is marked, sealed and sterilized. Each pair of earrings is packaged with a disposable towelette.

The cassette consists of two sterile compartments which store individually sealed earring cartridges which contain both the sterile earrings and the patented Safety Clutch TM.
The Surgical Marking Pen–Accuracy
An iodine-based-surgical marking pen is used to mark a spot on the ear prior to piercing.
The Piercing Earrings–Hypo-allergenic
Inverness Jeweler’s Quality Piercing Earrings are available in 14/18Kt. yellow & White Gold, Titanium and 24Kt. Gold Plate over surgical stainless. They are available in an assortment of styles, both in pairs and singles. All styles have the same posts as regular pierced earrings except with a sharpened point. Inverness earrings provide the gentlest piercing, the fastest healing period and the most elegant appearance.

Inverness earrings are of jewelry quality and can be worn permanently after the points of the posts are filed down with an emery board.
The Patented Clutches–Comfort
The Patented safely Ear Clutch shields the fine point of the post, protect earring from fall off, to avoid ear post from hurting ear back, assist in wound recovery and make sleep more comfortable.
The Ear Care Solution
Inverness aftercare products are specially formulated for optimal care of newly pierced ears.Our solution cleanses safely and gently without stinging or burning. The active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride which will not dry or chap the skin like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  The Demo Earrings  
A pre pack of earrings is used for training new employees on how to pierce and to demonstrate clutch adjustment to the consumer. Each pre pack contains encapsulated earrings along with foam squares.
  Employees can practice by marking the foam squares and piercing on the mark.  
  These demos are packaged in a plastic bag and not in sterile cassettes. They are to be used on foam only and never for actual piercing.  
  When performing live piercing always use a sterile cassette.  
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